Characteristics of Resilient People


Resilience stems from the Latin word “resiliens” which means to recoil or rebound. 

We all have resilience.  Through life, traumatic situations and conclusions that were drawn out of confusion or survival, results in the development of characteristics that aren’t resilient.  The good news is that these characteristics can be redeveloped.

The following are all characteristics of people that exercise resilience.  Please note that all characteristics of people that exercise resilience are creative in nature.

●  Goal and Solution-Focused (SMART GOALS)  ●  Approach Challenge/Take Risk  ●  Strong Problem-Solving Skills  ●  Adversity As Motivation  ●  Patient/Calm  ●  Compassion  ●  Gratitude  ●  ●  Forgiveness  ●  Live in the Moment  ●  Focus on the Successful Outcome  ●  Shake-Off Disappointment and Reset Intention  ●  Persistence  ●  Maintain Clear Intention  ●  Flexibility/Adaptability/Open To Possibility  ●  Faith/Spirituality/Belief in Something Greater  ●  Surround Self with Successful/Uplifting People  ●  Strong Social Support and Connections  ●  Willingness  ●  Take Steps Towards Goals  ●  Rational  ●  Ask for Help  ●  Belief in Oneself  ●  Develop Mastery in One or More Areas of Life  ●  Know the Situation is Temporary  ●  Don’t Let the Situation Become the Identify ●  Play, Laugh, Have Fun  ●  Toolkit of Self-Care Habits (Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise)  ●  Strong Sense of Meaning and Purpose  ●  Positive and Optimistic  ●  Strength-Focused  ●  Focus on What is Within Your Ability to Shift  ●  Belief That a Solution Is Around the Next Corner  ●  Help Others/Volunteer  ●  Help Others/Volunteer  ●  Big Picture Vision and Clarity of the Next Inspired Action  ●  Humor  ●  Boundary setting  ●  Internal locus of control

The following are characteristics of people NOT exercising resilience.  Please note that these characteristics are reactive in nature.

●  Fear of Failure ●  Fear of losing people  ●  Fear of Success  ●  Fear of the Unknown  ●  Fear of Change  ●  Rigid/Inflexible/Tunnel Vision  ●  Fail to Take Advantage of Opportunities  ●  Victim  ●  Prideful  ●  Stubborn  ●  Judgement  ●  Avoidance  ●  Lack of Hope  ●  Cynical  ●  Uninterested  ●  Blaming  ●  Self-Doubt  ●  Problem – Focus  ●  Identity defined by outcomes

Questions for self-reflection:

1)  From the first list above, what is one item that you could add or enhance to offer yourself greater resilience?

2)  From the second list above, what is one item that you could adjust to allow you greater peace, joy, or success?

3)  If you knew you were 100% resilient, what is the greatest dream you would work towards accomplishing?